Social media engagement is the best way to keep your customers in a row. Apart from social media, there is no better place for reaching your target audience. The more media engagement you have, the more traffic you will get.

We have done all kinds of gambling, telling the customer that we are best at the availability of limited stock. But this only works when they are ready to purchase the product.

What if they have not made up their mind yet?

Then what will you do??

Running paid ads will work just brand awareness you cannot convince them to buy your product.   

Why it is important to work on the social media engagement?

Myntra is one of the popular e-commerce companies in India. They have created their own platform known as myntra insider masterclass. This class is all about fashion advice, pro styling tips, and Live Q&A. The idea of creating this class is to make this E-commerce application engaged. If we talk in the technical term is kind of their micro-conversion to achieve their business objective.

The objective is to convert their show viewer into a customer. The media engagement is helping them to increase the customer “site time” to the platform. Myntra is becoming one of the major fashion e-commercial companies just because they are focusing on the content of their niche to engage with the consumers. Ultimately their online marketing strategy is boosting their ground of and enhanced customer-brand relationship.

The content strategy on video content is marking them strong towards improving the quality of service or by offering value-added services. Video content is one of the major rich content sources which keeps user intact with their brand. The media platform is considered the best place to engage the audience just because it’s mobile-friendliness and visually-rich format content.

Social media engagement comes with the burden of creating rich content. Rich content gives you the factor of engagement and interaction. Posting rich content on social media leverage you in social scoring and moving content to your followers. Learn how to create rich content is an important part of social media engagement.

The traffic in your site should be direct to your social media platform to keep them engage and engagement is the best way to achieve business objectives.

Let us discuss the ways to engage audience and reach new demographic follower.

1. Post spontaneously

Audience of your niche receives of tons of updates from many sources in their feed for same genre. You can update your content with better social media content strategy.

The more you focus on new post (recent update or campaign) the greater chances to receive clicks. Focus on posting content that works as add on services for your brand to build relationship. The chance of getting clicks can increase if you focus on increasing number of post. Try to post often so that the user interacts with your content more for better results.

2. Try different post format (content)


The post should have different content solving the matter of subject. It is more important to work on video, image, infographics and text-based content so that users can engage. You can also opt of different formats just to engage with campaigns or to understand the user perspective.

Creativity is one of the best techniques to achieve user attraction so just try to not bore your demographic audience but to achieve the main goal.

3. collaborate for new audience


For social media engagement, you can work with your niche blogger or the person following their passion in the same genera. Just to be precise this technique will not only solve your problem of being creative but your brand can be exposed in front of their audience. “Collaboration” is the term that you can use for audience engagement.

4. Repurpose your content.

You can opt for content repurposing with different format may be a video or can be an interactive image. The social media engagement work well with the content that earlier not performed well.

The repurposing of the content has higher chance to get clicked just because the user is exposed with such kind of earlier. If some of your post not got user engagement then you can try to convert in different format and repost it.  

5. Ask users to engage with new content

To keep your content moving its okay to ask user to engage with new content. These micro conversation steps will help you to achieve main goal. Social media can definitely benefit you if you give user a reason to follow you by just defining a path “call-to-action”.

6. Participate in the audience network.

People always want to interact with you to understand or benefit from you. It’s better to answer the entire question asked by customer in post or you can create a campaign to do so. 

7. Expand your social network.

Networking with brands or people on social media can increase new followers. Social media is an engagement and interaction place so you have to get new friends and followers and never stop. Just think about what you can achieve with lots of interaction more visibility, awareness and conversions.

8. Follow your competitor’s patterns to improve yourself.

Understanding your competitor’s behavior can give a better prespective. There are lots of social media marketing tools available with which you can track competitor behavior. Marketing tools will show you which post is getting more engagement.

9. Design content to maximize click-through rates.

Some of the social strategies requires great visual and short but engaging and descriptive texts. Always try to update the content with links it will define the path of the user. The user loves the interaction and if you want them to do so you need to keep the connection going.

10. Invest in paid promotions to gain more user interest.

social media has its own markings according to the user behavior (they judge what likes and dislikes are of users). Sometimes the user might get interested in their different than usual so working on paid ads might benefit you. With social media paid ads you can increase the number of followers, generate revenue, create a brand impression, and promote the product.