The Instagram campaign is the best marketing strategy to grow your brand online. I have worked on it and it works 70 times faster and better than our organic ways to increase your follower.

Building a campaign on social media does not require much investment you just have to plan the perfect marketing strategy outline for your product or brand.

A good social media campaign strategy can help you gain new followers, more comment, boost to your channel page, more profile visits, more engagement, more shares, more relevant followers.

You just need to master the perfect trick to run an Instagram campaign to achieve goals. Social media campaign normally stands out from outside of your ongoing marketing tasks.

 Important Fact: It has more than 300 million active users each day, according to Neil research.

The technique which I am going to share today will help you to understand what factors Instagram’s users are looking for. I work on a social media campaign on a daily basis as my job as a content strategist evolves lots of hard work. These techniques are my personal favorite and proven formula too, so as my stats suggest.

I am going to share 5 A’s, that will drive the marketing strategy for a social media campaign to create awareness, build a community, and drives sales.

I like to break these down into the five A’s:

a. Ambition (goal)

b. Audience (target)

c. Approach (Method)

d. Action (tactics)

e. Agenda (outline or timeline)

Ambition (Goal):

First thing first it is important to define your goal, I always focus on as it is the most important part of every marketing strategy to work on a goal-driven strategy.

When you define your goal you always focus on which marketing strategy is going to help you achieve the path. The action on planning sales funnels and offline marketing also requires a goal-driven strategy to plan the outline and timeline for your demographic audience.

What goal you are planning to achieve by creating an Instagram campaign?

  1. Drive online sales on your website of newly launched products?
  2. Do you want to create a campaign to increase a drive for a particular product?
  3. Do you want to attract customers to your offline store?
  4. Do you want to run a campaign just to promote your promotional advertisement?

Example: Drive online sales on your website for the newly launched product?

Instagram has a lot more to offer you can plan on launching a new product and drive sales from Instagram by running a campaign. If you have an eCommerce brand, you need to take advantage of the shop post.

This social media strategy allows you to sell products directly through the Instagram platform. If you are running a social media campaign, with this feature then there is a chance of getting your current and prospective customers to buy the product. The platform is navigating your demographic audience directly on your website and channelizing the product from organic traffic, paid ads, or direct navigation. Instagram is providing this feature to get a chance with your target consumer directly with a low marketing budget and great benefits. So there’s a great chance your target market audience falls into demographic.

Example: Do you want to attract customers to your offline store?

The goal to build your offline customer requires your demographic audience: a geographical location which is an important part of to target audience.

Social media campaign increases the exposure of its post and leads the audience to store. Campaign strategy gives people a reason to follow an interesting social media profiles and engage with the campaign to drive offline sales.

This Instagram campaign is driven to generate brand awareness about the store to increase traffic and conversion ratio. The campaign is directly sharing messages to connect with a similar audience and win the voucher. Again, the marketing strategy will drive their online audience to their offline store.

Audience (target):

Goals define your framework and build the social media campaign focusing on a pattern to drive demographic audiences according to their psychographic and behavioral nature.

Defining goal it’s important to land the campaign to the right audience for engagement. There are several ways to engage the right audience but you have to choose the best way according to your campaign. The campaign success totally depends on the reach of your post or story to the right people.

  1. If you have a large amount of audience around (20k-30k) you can plan on running an organic campaign and strategies to make the most out it (by leveraging your followers to engage a similar audience for your campaign).
  2. You can make a cheat sheet of hashtags related to your niche and plan on targeting that audience of the campaign goal.
  3. Working for your online campaign organically is possible if you plan on targeting the relevant audiences with influencers of the same niche. They contribute 40-50% of your campaign audience which plays an important part to maximize reach.
  4. If you are running low on follower numbers still you can reach a large audience just plan a good strategy a mix of running an ad of a campaign and using another organic strategy.


The body contain the interest of demographic audience. To approach the audience you need to understand their psychographic behavior of audience. We are conveying a message to our audience with a call to action which is helping us to achieve our goals.

Select a way of conveying message by deciding a tone depending on your product you can choose Example: conflicting content, Judgmental content, news alert, relevant content, polite content and many more.   

Framing the content of your campaign requires understanding some criteria of your audience:

  1. What are they are following you for?
  2. Do you provide relevant information?
  3. What are their interests?
  4. Do they follow the brand image you want to portray?
  5. Do the followers fulfill your goals?

Asking such a question will help you create fresh and new content to maximize your social media campaign reach. Leveraging the current situation with the brand will viral the content like; focusing on the brand promoting ideas and leading them to the campaign.

Such as Dettol created a hand wash challenge to build brand awareness in a pandemic situation and they got 30 billion views on tick tokk. The campaign was a wide success, and the posts regularly got thousands of views.

The content build should have clear instruction for your audience which will help them and digest the fact easily. Like example:

The content should have 3 type of hashtag which is relevant for your niche. The effective three hashtags will help to gain more engagement. 

1. The first hashtag should be your brand tag #marketingwithvishakha

2. The second hashtag should be relevant to your follower’s, this way they will be easily notified with the campaign without putting any efforts. #socialmediamarketing

3. The third hashtag should be relevant to your campaign #buildyourinstagramcampign

At last, if you want to engage your customers try to be more relevant with your niche and be a brand statement.

Action (tactics):

The objective demand 2 things; one is called to action and the other is creative campaign Idea.

Every Campaign requires a call to action that should be creative enough to lead conversion.

Example: If you are running a campaign to increase a drive for a particular product then you can plan on creating a range of customized packaging for the product and run a campaign to drive more sales for a particular product with a creative contest like; #contestalert

Let’s discuss some common campaign practices: These practices will help you to generate your own action plan.


The decision is totally based on merit to win the prize. The campaign can be designed in several ways you can plan on creating a per a photo contest, question answer, poll, challenge, or more creative stuff. Contests generate a high level of engagement which drives the action of your goals.


It’s a strategy where we plan on the random giveaway to the participants who complete it by designed actions that don’t require a purchase or any other type of call to action. Giveaway requires some basic steps to follow such as tag your friends, like to win, follow to win and etc.

This technique will boost awareness, maximize participation, and drive actions such as signing up to your newsletter, following or interacting with you on social media, or visiting a webpage.

User-generated content: (UGC)

Plan a creative campaign with the use of your product or a brand. The user-generated content can generate maximum traffic and conversion of a similar audience just because it is the most trusted and reliable source to create brand visibility and brand trust.


You can plan on storytelling or a review campaign. Journeys were you find valuable feedback from your customer about the product. These techniques generate awareness and maximum conversion of the product.


Instagram has come up with the most exclusive and amazing features for eCommerce that can help them to tag the product and directly drive the sale from the post. This action can help you to convert most of your prospects into your clients.


Driving traffic for most of the campaign requires some efforts you can plan on partnering with other brands to drive traffic of their brand for your site and do vice versa. In this strategy, you need to wisely choose your collaboration according to your niche audience to gain maximum results for your campaign.

Select a suitable CTA for your campaign to drive your social media strategy and achieve your goal.

Agenda (outline or timeline):

All the Instagram campaign strategy has a set of the limited time period for completion. This part makes the campaign successful and amazing at the same time.


Conclusion: To run a successful campaign you need to find a creative strategy to motivate your audience to take part in the campaign. The successful campaign requires a good understanding of demographic audience and goal-driven strategy.