As we know social media is becoming a product seller place and after a while, social media platforms will be all about selling a product, so now learning marketing online has become more important.

Today, I will be talking about the old school marketing plan which will help you with your brand visibility, brand trust, increase your audience and help you to sell your product.

If you’ve been in the marketing world for a while, you’ve probably heard leads or prospective clients which is divided into three segments Cold, Warm and Hot.

We set a target differently for all three segments to convert from prospect to client. We just have to strategize on how to convert those prospects. Now we all know converting hot clients is far easier than the other two because a hot prospect is aware of your brand, they need what you have, can feel the right value in your price. You just have to build trust in your brand and convince them to choose you.

That’s not difficult, right?

Now let’s understand where we face real challenges. If we talk about warm prospect then are aware but their need can be different or can’t find value in your product, convincing them and converting can be an achievement.

The understanding cold prospect can be very difficult and moreover the conversion ratio is less than 10% so running ads, working on E-mail and SMS- marketing can be a waste.

What if I tell you there is an old school effective marketing strategy which you can help you to convert them without any hesitation and with zero wastage of money.


The method will help you convert cold lead organically with social media marketing and help to define a path for that entire client which we were not able to convert and can work for future conversion. Working on this path can bring more brand visibility, trust, engagement, new client, organic viewers and can create a memory of your brand that might have every intention of buying your thing.

This online marketing method is driven by the rule of 7 marketing. It will help you to connect with your niche audience and you can understand their mindset and behavior to reach your goal.

You must have learned from the business development team that the more positive connection you have with your prospects, the easier is to develop a strong relationship to close more deal. Unfortunately, every business surviving out there has a number of competitions that you have to outnumber. It can be online possible only with the strong relationship between you and your customer.

What is this marketing rule 7?

Marketing Rule of Seven states that a prospect needs to hear or see your marketing message at least seven times before they intend to purchase your product or services.

How can you use marketing rule 7 on social media to reach prospects?

Social Media is the only organic platform to reach the customer to engage with them and understand their demand and behavior very well. Social media sites give the opportunity to engage a customer often 7 times a day or can be more by sharing content; creating user-generated content, video marketing, and other content marketing techniques.

These are the best organic marketing strategy for social media to recall your brand 7 times.

1. Spread awareness of the brand with content marketing:

Social media allows building awareness, influence prospects, curate audience, increase traffic, and drive conversion and business. The traffic ultimately drives return at every stage of the sales funnel.

Content strategy on social media is the best way to achieve the entire goal. Let’s learn the best ways to make the best content marketing strategy.

a. Identify your online goal:

The important step towards social media content plan is to set your goals. Keeping goals in mind will help you to plan what type of content you are planning to create. Once you specify your goals, the better you will be able to justify your content to meet your goals.

b. Audit your post:

The audit defines which post is helping you to achieve your goal. It understands your buyer persona and connects more audience.

Example: If you want to increase your engagement find the best-socialized post and analyzed what type of content led to new followers and more engagement once you have identified the reason you will be once step ahead of your goal.

c. Build a media content planner:

Preparing a month calendar is will give a big – picture of your plan and can help to approach the task in a much better way.  A planner can contain your ideas in a more organized way. The month calendar will help you to execute the strategy in a much easier way.  Always make sure you are including all kinds of rich content example hashtags to make it more eye-catchy and attractive. A planner should have all the exact details of your strategy: timings of post and type of content.

d. Cross share your post:

A good strategy involves posting content channelizing it with the different platforms that encourage the audience to engage and interact with your rich content.

2. Send a Personalized message:

Create a message about your brand, how you are unique, what you can offer, the most interesting part about you and the future aspect if you connect with us. This personalized message on networking sites will give them the call to action which soon can be a part of the conversion.

Your followers are directionless until you are instructing them what to do next giving them a new task or a way to connect with them will help you understand them and that can help you to bring some responsiveness towards your brand. Meanwhile, you are trying to understand them do forget they are doing the same.  


3. Work on video marketing campaign:

Do you ever think why video has become the most important part of digital marketing?

The answer is because it is the most engaging way and gives the user time to understand your product value. When we talk in terms of data people watch 1 billion hours of youtube videos per day do you think it’s a big number and connects with you use for a longer period of time. It’s an important part of brand visibility. Videos are versatile we can create a lot of fancy and interesting stuff to endure engagement to our online social network.  While working on video marketing you just have to make sure to provide specific and value-oriented content.

You can share your content in a different format:

  • Explainers
  • Vlogs or live
  • Interviews
  • Presentations
  • Product reviews
  • Demos
  • Video ads

4. Create an amazing campaign with user-generated content to build trust in your brand.


User-generated content is a free advertising tool that can lead you to a massive influx of new followers.  Do you know that the value of UGC is more than the branding content? Let’s understand user-generated content: brand content posted by the user which is not affiliate with the brand. The user fined value in your content and wants to popularize within his/her group in terms of comments, hashtags, reviews and images/videos it can be any kind of content followed by the brand description or can be rich content. This type of campaign is considered as user-generated content.

You can run a different type of campaign:

  1. A content offering a prize can be a good way to increase your brand visibility.
  2. Coupon for your demographic audience.
  3. Creating a customizable product.
  4. Partnership with an influencer.

Read my blog on how you can increase your social media engagement with User Generated Content

5. Share your product detail on your social media feed, to let them know your offer is a great value.

Being in social media and sharing product detail is now much easier you can link your product catalog with Facebook and Instagram and users can easily access your product. Do you think this is going to be the best way to connect with customers and more easy to showcase your product easily? Implementing this will add value and authority to your site.

Sixty percent of users (that’s 600 million people) seek out and discover new products on Instagram. But with the launch of Instagram Shopping in February 2018, brands are able to tag products directly in posts and Stories and take customers directly to the item they want to purchase. Learn how to create an amazing sell product on Instagram.

6. Work with content creator or influencer, to ensure that you are the only choice:

Working Influencers for your business is the best way to target the audience and improve brand awareness.

There are two ways to find influencers of your niche.

a. Find manually using hashtags of your niche to target more audiences of the same reach.

b. All Influencer is connected to a platform for affiliate marketing and you can connect with such a platform to find influencer of niche and can tack results.

7. Ask for feedback:

Make sure after a purchase you ask for a feedback and create a dynamic content for them and their buyer journey to ensure they next purchase. ( Memory )