Starting your own small business and you are stuck where to start from?

Making an online presence is not as difficult as it seems. It is very easy if you take baby steps.  Now, making your online presence is like making a mark in your digital world which will help you to grow in every aspect. Online presence not only helps you to build online brand but also helps to reach offline.


Let’s take an example if you have opened a new bakery store you want to reach out cake lovers. You have zero online presence where will you start from?

Website building or post pictures on your social media platform what is the first thing you should opt for? …For brand presence you always need to identify your goals? What are they? what you want to achieve from your online presence?


Most of the people just want to create their online presence and grab attention of the customer without any approach to their goals. They start from building website and social media profile without knowing their main aim such as in the case of bakery it is to get customer to start their business. But this is not how it should work. Building website gain traffic it is a part of your work but it’s should be not your first step.

Everything is important from defining your niche till gaining relevant follower. Prioritizing of your work is important.

 Let’s dive deep into it and understand:


An important first step should make a local business presence on Google.  Google My Business increase your chance to show up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic rankings. After the detail submission you just need to verify your store to get your own space in local business. Now you have set your first online presence on local SEO. Local business on Google will definitely help you to reach nearby client. 

Let sum up in short how Google help you to reach customer locally, when you search “cake shop” google give search result with local business listing on the top page of Google which helps them to reach you store. One the page of search results it will show you the name of the shop, ratings, reviews, map and the address.

To make your own local business listing you just have to gather some details:

  1. Address
  2. phone number
  3. hours
  4. directions
  5. logo of your shop
  6. Relevant picture of your business.
  7. A short description about your services.

Once you are done with all the details you have to verify your address. Google will send you a code through post to your given address. You just have to verify your account.

Holla….. You have done the first step of your own online business.


Second step should be your online website. Building website should be your second priority. Website cannot be built in one day. Website building require a lots of focus thoughts. How your website should look and domain name of your website and all lot more things.

For building a website first thought which comes in your mind is domain name.

Domain name gives your brand first impression and tells everything about you. When you start selecting you domain name there are some point which you should keep in your mind.

  1. URL is the first things your potential customer will see and approach you.
  2. Domain affects your SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. Always try to keep it short simple and predictable.
  4. Always try to keep your name brand oriented.

Once you have started building your website make sure you have built all the pages listed below:

  1. Home
  2. about us
  3. Contact us
  4. Privacy policy
  5. Terms and conditions/terms of use

Once your website is ready you need to address the URL on your Google business listing and other social media platform.



When we talk about social media channel there are n numbers of channel such as facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, instagram, instagram, youtube, linkedln.

If you have resource you can create account on the entire platform and maintain them if not then choose your channel according to your niche so that it can help you to grow.

Working on your social media is the second most important thing to get organic user. We use social media platform to channelize our brand. Once your start post rich content no doubt you will gain follower in all the term. Social Media is the most powerful tool for branding but it should be done is such a way, that your rich content should be providing value to the follower so that the traffic remains the same and the user get interested in your activity.

Remember what we discussed, earlier our first step focusing on what you want to achieve and focus on that instead of doing everything on your online platform.


4. Start Marketing with- SMS and E-mail.


Don’t spam be relevant gain trust of your followers.


Now we will discuss how to keep your audience flow on your website. There are lots of campaigns which are necessary to keep your customer flow.

E- mail Marketing and SMS – Marketing is one of the best and cheapest way to advertise your brand for generating brand awareness, developing client base, providing offers, working on programs to on lure customer lot more…

Do you know almost all online marketing companies prefer Email and SMS campaign?

Email and SMS marketing has its own benefits you can personalize the content with perfect subject lines and images to create an engagement drive for your website. Personalize content help to create a bond with your customer.  Providing content that is user relevant will help you grow and develop your brand credibility. Working on campaigns will help you to boost your sales. The platform is not a one way thing you can connect with your audience create a good impression on them which will help you to establish authority of your brand.

At last, it is one the best medium to boost sales and generate traffic for your website and social media campaign. Email and SMS marketing is something where you decide the path of audience and their behavior: do you want them to buy the product do you want them to follow you etc.

The most important point which will now define your brand visibility and campaign: Rich content

Working on content which achieve your goals, Rich content is where you use all kind of media to engage and interact with your audience. Rich Content gives you a spark to make your niche different from others.

5. Start socializing your brand with content marketing.

Content marketing is the key element for your brand development. To be more brand oriented you have work on content marketing which also require optimization of content through SEO such as write blog, guest posting and sharing rich content on social media.


Content marketing is essential part for providing value to your customer so that they can trust you. Content help you in increasing sales, cost savings and better customers who have more loyalty and building trust.