Are also you the wondering? How hashtags are taking over the entire social media platform.

Firstly Twitter then Instagram and now youtube. What is happening, Is hashtags so important now then it is important to understand how to use it?

Let’s learn how first it came in play?

Hashtags was first proposed by Chris Messina in a 2007 tweet, that although initially decried by Twitter as a “thing for nerds”. Then it let to be discovered by everyone and use rapidly becoming widespread throughout the platform. The hashtag first started out popularly on twitter then gain hype on other social media platform for the use. Then extended to other social media sites including linkedln Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Google+.

#lovesocialmediasharing #content #howtoengageaudience #onlinemarketing

Hashtag marketing is all about attracting an audience by using a unique brand. You can use this audience to promote your post, but the main strategy is by using hashtags to connect your blog or other blog content with other posts on your personal blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

Establishing a link between your posts and other great content on the web will help bring in an audience and tap into their love of your work. By using well-known hashtags to your advantage, you can use your site’s unique features and authority to stay relevant to the people that search for the most relevant keywords, and those who are looking for you.

Some people use hash-tags for fun. Others use it to help brand their companies and to keep track of their brand through social media.

It’s definitely a powerful way to spread information and awareness about a brand, and you can use it to brand your business in ways that most people wouldn’t even think of. Hashtags are great for building brand equity, SEO, and collaboration, even when your social media audience doesn’t know you’re even using them.

Wondering how to use hashtags can improve your visibility on social media platform. If you have a good knowledge you can definitely #achieve your #brandvisiblity goal on social media.


In this article, you’ll discover ways to use hashtags for your feed posts, story posts, and Video posts.

Why hashtags are important?

All social media platform has some set of rules to use hashtags which limits search capabilities, so that you cannot spam your post or feed. It is the best ways to get found and get moving your content easily. The hashtags allow you to rank on the searches for your target audience and help you interested audience find your content.

1. It make your content discoverable:


All the social media whether it is for professionals such as linkedIn or other socializing channel. They want to make there platform user friendly, so that user spend their time as much as they can. In doing so they have to build something which make searches easier, something which is user friendly and help those to find interested in one place. To make content discoverable only hahstags can help. Users can discover their favorite content by searching hashtag. The tag is like a call to action button which helps you to reach more article or post of the same tag.


Let’s me make it easier to you. When we work for a blog to make it SEO optimize we search for keyword either it can be short or a long tail keyword whatever fits your demand. Instead of a blog you are working on feed making post SEO optimized through hashtags, so that whenever someone searches your tag your post rank.


Till now you must have understood you have to make your content optimized either you are writing a blog or sharing a post.

2. Increase User Interaction:


Posting rich content on social media increase interactivity with your product lovers and followers. The interaction helps you to build your authority and gain brand value. When we post on social media as use some relevant tags interested follower reaches, engage and interact with your post. They will like it, share it, comment. Awesome!! See how much working of yours is done just by using hashtag.


Channelizing your content with hashtags is going to be your integral part of the online marketing technique to grow.

3. Keep an eye on your competitor tactics:

Once you got your relevant hashtag which you are willing to implement on your platform next thing you learn to know how to make rich content for your feed. Marketing is all about showing your creativity finding new things to engage and interact with users. If someone is working on the new tactic you should definitely need to know, such as an engaging technique is user generated content.


A specific campaign posted by customer which is not an affiliate with that brand. That user is being so considerate to popularize your brand in term of comments, hashtags, reviews and image/videos it can be any kind of content followed by the brand description/ can be rich content. 

Limitation of hashtags to different social media platform:


Youtube: Youtube has limit of three hashtags per video. You can include in title of your video or description. It will help your to reach their type of content more easily.


LinkedIn: LinkedIn has set no limits to the number of hashtags you can use in post on linkedIn. It works almost same as instagram you can follow your hashtags and find suitable suggestions of your post (recommendation). They have recommended limiting each post to a maximum of five hashtags if you want to get better result. Using too many hashtags on LinkedIn could also result in the LinkedIn Algorithm marking your post as spam.


Twitter: Twitter is not binned by the limits of hashtag but by limited of characters. Your tweet is only limited to fewer than 140 characters, they have recommended to use keywords under 6 characters. Maximize your reach with the power of hashtags connect interested audience.


Instagram: Instagram provides leverage hashtags to all its 3 platform Instagram feed posts, Instagram stories and IGTV. In instagram feed post you can use up to 30 hashtags. You can use in caption or comment. In instagram stories you can use up to three hashtags. For stories they have sticker which allows only on hashtag to be used in the stories. The IGTV has tags limit is upto 30 hashtags same as in description of your video.

Best Practice to use hashtags on your social media:

1. Make an excel sheet of all the different platform, then segregate on the basis of popularity. Divide them according to their exposure.

2.Every time you post try to fit all kind of hashtag. Example choose 1-2 hashtags from each segment. ( niche related hashtag, popular hashtag, moderately- popular hashtag, generic hashtags and trending hashtag )

3. When you build a post incorporate those hashtags in your content. Try to build a post which defines your business and incorporate relevant hashtags to it. This trick will help your post to look more relevant.

4. You can user 3-4 hashtags in your captions and rest of them in your content. ( You can use this for linkedIn and Instagram)

5. Try to include those hashtags that user are interested. Such as if you have a baker store you should be focusing on #cakelover #cakemaker #foodlove. Try to find your goal you want to achieve do a sale or increase your brand value.

6. Define your own brand #hashtag so that you can create engagement with user generated content.