Is social media becoming out of your league and you want to be the user attraction? Everybody is in this race and wants to achieve the same goal which you are looking for promoting your band. The platform is becoming fruitful for small business; social media helps in channelizing audience and brand. It is a sole platform which connects you to customer with any investment.

For social Media advertising everybody says the more value you will provide, the more engaged they will be and ultimately that will help you grow your following. When we start taking providing value to customer, there is a big question, how we can do that in a branding platform sounds difficult right?

The social media platform is all about sharing friendliness all around you. Making things which people really want to have. Working for your group of audience is the one of the important thing to grab attention.
The answer of your entire question is USER GENERATED CONTENT, the master key of your brand building technique.

What is this user generated content?

User generated marketing strategy is a kind of free advertising tool.


A specific campaign posted by customer which is not an affiliate with that brand. That user is being so considerate to popularize your brand in term of comments, hashtags, reviews and image/videos it can be any kind of content followed by the brand description/ can be rich content. The post featuring products or services offered by your brand is considered as user generated content. Ninja technique for your social media platform to gain free advertising. Do you know this advertising is done by lots of famous brand such as coco cola, lays any many more. This is one of the effective and easier ways to attract audience attention towards your product.

The idea to gain trust and brand worthiness is amazing with user generated content.  Do you know user generated content is 76% valuable than a branding content?

The best example is a review of product. The user has taken the time to give you a recommendation which can be considered word of mouth, which is HUGE. We work so hard for recommendation such as advertising, branding and other stuff, so getting someone’s post recommending your product of services to use is a blessing.

Now let’s discuss how we can use user generated content in different manner.

Using the user generated content is the first step, if you want to engage your audience and get content focused on what you want to talk about then you will opt for next level.

Run a Contests:

Nobody likes working for free, offering a prize for a campaign might be an interesting way to get people create content and increase brand visibility . The content created by them can be judged on the basis of merit entry, user votes or participation, or whoever submits the most entries.  The contest will help you to generate a focused network on all you social media platform which will lead you to your genuine audience.

Coupon for your niche audience:

You must have collected all the data of your contest campaign now we can segregate those audiences according to your demographic audience. We can reach to more audience by climbing the same levels. Offering a coupon for the user who has submit content for your previous campaign while help you to generate new set of user generated content. The coupon is enough to motivate the contestant of campaign to generate more content of your brand talking about the recent offer.  People are generally lured by the love of sharing tips to get coupon like they did. The most of market of product and services runs of offers and discount. The promotion on personal platform will help you to create a network of customer luring towards the brand.


Generate your own hashtag:

Let’s not forget, we have worked so hard to achieve this user network we have to grow more. Creating hashtag is an important way to make people remember about your brand. We have to create a hashtag which is related to your brand, catchy and memorable. Creating your own hashtag will help you to leverage an opportunity to get involved in activities. The hashtag will help you to track and mention your brand indirectly on a broader basis.

 Building on hashtag will make your campaign tracking easier while doing several of rewards coupons, discounts, extra contest etc.


Partnership with influencer:

 Influencers are those people who are followed by other people due to their content sharing skill. Collaborating with influencer will help you achieve your audiences to build a collection of comments and responses along with UGC. Now days most of the brand are generating user generate content through influencer and putting that campaign on their social media channel to promote themselves.

Customization of products:

User generated content can be created by customizing product. The customized product will encourage them to share their creations, which will inspire a massive influx of high-quality of backlink for your brand.

Work your review as UGC:

The review is the most famous and easy to do UGC. All brands has a page and local business dedicated to reviews and customer feedback so that they can improve themselves or find appreciation to applause. The review can be your way to build up brand visibility and brand reputation. Review can be used to set new customer base by channelizing theses content as UGC.