The more curious headline, more chance of the reader to get interested in your content.

What are the ways to make your headline look more compelling?

Website landing on top, getting popularity and huge traffic is one the reason why you should learn how to make you headline look more compelling. 

Writing rich content is the one important part of your traffic generation which includes headline of the content that take up 40% of your user interest.

Every newspaper, magazine and other content related part, even a single article work on curiosity generating factor for their revenue and traffic.

Why we make curious headline?

It is a popular practice that that leverage content creator to make their reader click through for an irresistible headline for the answer they are looking for.

In digital marketing area creating curiosity gap can be used to compel user to click on landing page, blog post and other advertisement article. The content can be on your social media, website, or email marketing inbox.

How to make a curious headline?

Curious headline should have 3 factors to perform on top:

  1. The subject of the article= Subject factor
  2. The curiosity generating word = curiosity factor
  3. A single word defining the whole article= word factor.

For being perfect headline creator you should at least go for 20 headlines per article. Learning comes with practice and definitely you will learn create a perfect headline:

Let’s see examples to spot and learn how to work on the user interest perfect headline.

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