Today, I am going to explain how creating rich content on social media is equally important sharing a content on your blog while it can be for your business / your  passion you follow.

So why rich content is that important because it give a way to engage with your user or follower in various ways. It also comes with a great advantage of creativity that create enhance experience for user. Rich content helps you in social scoring and moving your content to your followers.

What is rich content?


It is something that encourages your user/ follower to engage and interact with you. The rich content require all specific things which are very useful for us. The content should be relevant, follower perspective, solution providing.

The content should cover all kind of advance feature. A rich content has audio, video or an image with its description, gif and all the way you can express your words make them more approachable.

Ways to create rich content for social media?


1. Make a headline which is picture or video related and engagement creator.

2. Always make sure you write relevant content it should be descriptive.

3. Make sure you include a point that unique you.

4. Always use hash tag in your descriptive content. It helps you to build your content to reach more audience of your niche. Its important to understand the user behaviour to find relevant hashtags.

5. Always make your content most engaging part is actionable. It will be helpful for your follower to reach your site with any further due.

6. Make sure you are adding hashtags that denote your site or page so that your follower can find you easily.

7. If you are providing some information that is a report always be accurate.

Writing long paragraph makes your content rich?


There is no such term that writing long form- content will help you to reach your goal. Content length is always determined by the topic. In you want to write long post there is no harm writing a long content. There should be relevant content of the particular topic. You have to be particular and precise about every kind of detail you are presenting.

I have read lots of social media post which are relevant and even engaging  which can be ended in first two paragraph but the post  was long having twist and turns saying the same thing again and again. Writing content in a descriptive manner just to make content relevant will not work.

The more you write the same thing, more your follower is losing interest in your content. 

Why hashtags are important to make a content rich?


As, I have mentioned earlier rich content help your content to socialize and move or to reach to your interested user. By creating hashtags to are creating, your brand term, phrase or call to action.

Hashtags is an important way to touch audience of your niche. While using hashtag you should always keep in mind that you are making a social network through for more engagement and interaction.