What we are planning for? We just want to clear that blur line between your brand and your social media platform so that relevant audience can connect more easily to achieve marketing goals.

What people are actively looking on search engine, definitely for answers or solutions to their problems.  

I am vishakha and I approve this message that in 2020 reaching your real audience from through media campaign is going to the best online marketing strategy.

If you are working on online marketing campaign on social media consider these important points before you plan for your marketing goals.

1. How you can channel your brand with new campaign.

2. How creative you can be with your brand.

3. What can you offer to your audience?

4. What take through you can provide to your customer with this campaign.

5. What is your main goal with the campaign?

When we experience people participating in social media campaign actively – then we have to understand that they don’t want just the answer to their problem but want to engage with us to have a real conversation on online platform.

After understanding audience behavior, we can use the information in media campaign to drive more traffic for achieving marketing goals.

Today, we will be discussing the three most famous user generated winning strategies that went viral social network.

A food delivery platform known “SWIGGY” create a novel competition and increased its reach by 7,700% on instagram.

Swiggy is one of the famous food delivering platform serving almost all the cities. The company started operations in 2014 and is headquartered in Bengaluru. Swiggy is one of the best platform that allows customers to order food from nearby restaurants and get it delivered at their doorstep.

Swiggy has promoted itself several times on instagram plarform but this time they created something very unique which has set the unbreakable campaign record by reaching customer upto 7,700%.

The online markting strategy swiggy used for its media campaign was Instagram voice note feature to promote its services.

What voice note seriously ???

Yes, this is mostly overlooked by social media marketing experts but remember each and every part of social media can be used as a marketing tool. You just have to be creative with your brand and online platform.

 Terms: Swiggy asked their instagram users and new entries to create sound waveforms in the shape of different food items and send them via direct messenger to the brand’s Instagram.

Swiggy promised a year’s worth of food vouchers to whoever completes the five-day voice of hunger challenge and replicate foods like kebab, a slice of pizza or pancakes using voice notes. One the second hand they also handed 50 food vouchers to the Instagram users with the best entries each day.  

According to the research of contagious the campaign got over 10,000 entries on a single day with 150,000 voice notes in Instagram direct message. As I have already mentioned they experienced 7,700% increase in its Instagram reach and brand interaction by 1,165%.

Result: swiggy grew more popular and saw 2,100% increase in traffic to swiggy from social media network by prominently achieving marketing goals

Now, do you understand my point of converting your campaign traffic into your customers?

If, you are still not sure how you can create you’re a successful campaign with user generated content then let us understand another example.

Antiseptic brands known “DETTOL” generated 30 billion views with Tiktok social media.

Dettol is considered as Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid to kill germs on the skin, help protect against infection from cuts, scratches and insect bites and it can also be used as a household disinfectant on surfaces or in laundry.

They launched media campaign under the stress of COVID-19 pandemic situation all over world which gave importance to wash hands.

Dettol worked on the model of encouraging user to talk with positive reinforcement about the brand online. This is one of the best online marketing strategy to grow true brand fans and increase the audience on networking sites.

Dettol India created a challenge to emphasize how handwashing helps to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

Terms: Dettol challenged people to choose the challenge from the discovery page on tik tok platform. They have to perform on their signature dance move with the “Dettol’s hand washing song” and incorporate Dettol’s hand wash instructions, which appear at the top-right corner of the screen. The video comes with a green Dettol-branded filter.  

Dettol also mentioned sharing the video with friends using the campaign hashtag while tagging Dettol.

According to the contagious they generated 9 billion views across the platform with which they generated around 27.3 billion views. Through this they generated immense amount of brand awareness on tiktok.

If you are still finding the answer to generate your campaign then it is “creativity”. Learn how you can use viral marketing technique to generate your new set of a relevant audience. 

Let’s study about one more campaign which gain hype on social network with the help of social network this brand worked with 750 influencers.

The brand offers snack products known lay’s ( PepsiCo) Launched a campaign know as #SmileDekeDekho campaign.

They planned for a media campaign and goals were to generate brand visibility and awareness on the social media channels.


Do you remember which campaign strategy they are using for the User generated campaign?

Customization of product campaign: The customized product has immense power to encourage the content creators to share the product which will indirectly lead to massive influx of brand visibility and awareness.

Terms: The brand mapped each influencer’s smile and matched with the flavor that fit them well.  Personalized packs were produced, featuring the smiles of these influencers that were then sent out to them. The #smiledekedekho challenge started were they have to outreach their audience and make them aware of the customized product.

According to social samosa, they generated 195 million impression and 8.2 million engagement rate. With this customized brand campaign, they achieved marketing goals by ensuring maximum conversion within the selected time frame.

Now the moral of the story, social media is the best platform to ensure:

Maximize Reach.

Brand Awareness.

Brand Visibility.

Increase conversion ratio.

Relevant followers.

After acknowledging their online marketing strategy now must have understood the importance of a campaign. Now ask yourself you want to miss this chance of advertising yourself on the most used social media platform.